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Softwashing Solutions

What is softwashing?


In the simplest  terms,soft washing is a safer,more effective way to clean the exterior surface of your property. Soft washing uses low pressure to gently yet effectively,remove dirt,mould,grime and other debris from the surface.The cleaning solution is applied at low pressure that, unlike some power washing techniques, will not hurt or damage the underlying substrate.This method relies on powerful cleansers,top tier equipment and an expert touch to achieve maximum results.


Softwashing is far safer, kinder to surfaces, and more cost effective than power washing alone. It is harmless to humans, animals, plants, and the environment and controls the growths,so that surfaces stay cleaner, for longer.The team at Teclean can guarantee that your high expectations will be met each and every time!


We clean algae,mould,mildew,moss and other grime build up from residential,commerical,industrial & municipal properties from walls,cladding,render,roofs,monumental stone,fences,decks,solar panels,tennis courts,polytunnels and artificial grass. Each individual surface can have  distinct & different contaminants and may require a distinct soft washing solution to achieve the best results.


Call us on 087 2745926 or Email for a free site survey,assessment and quote.



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dirty bricks
clean bricks
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corner after
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cladding after
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tank after
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cavan dirty
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