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Gutter Cleaning 

Why Clean your gutters?


Gutters are the central part of your roof system and require regular maintenance to keep your property looking well and to prevent damage from the elements.By directing rainwater away fron the perimeter of the building,they are the first line of defence -preventing water ingress to the interior of the structure. Debris such as grass,weeds,even birds nests will collect in the gutters and cause blockages. It is difficult to predict and prevent however- as for the most part the contents of the gutter is very difficult to see from the ground. It is important that the gutters are cleaned regularly- bi-annually is preferred,Spring and Autumn being the ideal time,although if your property is located directly under trees more frequent cleaning may be required. It is advisable to minimally have the gutters cleaned before winter. If debris and water get trapped in the gutter it can freeze in the colder weather and form blocks of ice. This will put a strain on the gutter, the gutter brackets and also the gutter mounting. The trapped water can be particularly corrosive and cause damage or rusting to the gutters.


The gutter is cleared of all grass, moss, leaves etc. Where one gutter meets another, or at the joins, there can often be gaps. If this is the case leaks can occur and water can run down the outside way of the property potentially causing  a lot of damage. We seal this with gutter sealant .If it rains straight after we have applied gutter sealant to the joins the sealant will not have time to set so it will need re sealed at the joins again. We will come back to do this on a dry day. We then check the down pipe or downspout and if this is blocked we unblock it. Finally the gutters and the gutter brackets are checked for any serious damage. If any is found we inform the client. Costly replacement of guttering however is rarely necessary and most of the time we are able to reassure the client that they now have clean gutters which are fully operational.


If your home is a 3 storey property or higher we use the guttervac system. This is a system that ensures we are able to clean gutters up to heights of 50 feet or around 4 storeys from the ground. Most if not all professional gutter cleaning companies use this system for very tall buildings. It is a safe way to ensure gutters are cleaned without the need to employ expensive equipment such as cherry pickers or scaffolding.


If you would also like your soffits and fascias cleaned we offer this as an additional service. Let us know if you are interested in this when you initially inquire about our gutter cleaning service and we will provide a quote for this service.


Call us on 087 2745926 or Email; for a free site survey, assessment & quote.

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