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Grease Trap Management

Greasetraps - New enforcement expected  for 2016 & 2017


It's expected that in  2016 the control of fats, oils, and grease legislation will be rigidly enforced nationwide by state agencies. This will include but not limited to, an application for a discharge license, 4 annual inspections, and compulsory waste water sampling and testing. Those who are in breach of the act will, depending on the level of pollution, face censure, and severe ongoing fines. 


Water Pollution act  1977 & 1990

All food service outlets are required to have a discharge licence under the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act 1977 and 1990. It is an offence to cause or permit the discharge of any trade effluent or other matter (other than domestic sewage or storm water) to a sewer, except under and in accordance with a licence issued by the appropriate regulatory authority.”


If you are worried about these regulations, we are here to help you become compliant. Teclean are experts in the provision of grease trap management, maintenanceand supply. We offer a broad range of grease trap management services to suit the individual needs of every kind of domestic and commercial catering establishment.

Grease Trap Management Process


Years of experience has taught us that no two sites are ever exactly the same.For this reason we don't subscribe to a "One Size Fits All" solution for grease management.Our preferred method is to do a proper site survey before we recommend equipment or a maintenance schedule. This allows us to tailor a service that in our best judgement,is ideal for your particular needs and circumstances,whether your establishment is a small local restaurant, a large skyscraper, a sports stadium or any other hot food catering concern. We work in partnership with all the major grease trap management manufacturers and have been trained to the highest standard in the installation and maintenance of their respective units.


We are here  to help you with greasetraps! Please call 087 2745926 or Email for to arrange a site visit, assessment & quote.



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grease trap dirty
passive grease trap clean
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