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Kitchen Canopy & Duct Cleaning

The purpose of the Kitchen Exhaust System in your food outlet is to safely remove grease-laden vapours and unpleasant odours generated by cooking processes from the kitchen environment. A typical commercial Kitchen Exhaust System set-up should be made up of the following components:Kitchen Exhaust Hood,Grease Filters,Kitchen Exhaust Duct, & Kitchen Exhaust Fan.

 We are increasingly dealing with companies, whose insurers require their clients systems to be cleaned by professional contractors at frequencies in line with the HVCA TR/19 guidelines.


This helps to prevent grease build up and with it- the possibility of a fire.If your facility needs more than just a routine clean-up, Teclean is ready to tackle the cleaning of your kitchen hoods, ducts and other large equipment to help keep you operating at your best.Cross contamination with food preparation can cause quite an unsanitary situation.


Call Teclean  on 087 2745926 for your kitchen canopy & duct cleaning needs and let us give you the peace of mind that comes with a job well-done.

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